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The Great Resignation: How to Retain Staff Post-Pandemic

As the labour market is still in a state of recovering from the disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic, employee resignations are rolling in at record rates. More than half (54%) of Generation Z workers and 41%…

The CIO/CTO Guide to Customer Experience: 7 Ways to Improve CX

Keeping your customers happy is key to your success as a business. This is why customer experience (CX) has been such a hot topic across sectors, even before the pandemic. Post-pandemic, CTOs and tech…

Reinventing Recruitment in the Post-Pandemic Era

Covid-19 came in like a hurricane and shook the world of work. In just days, millions of businesses and workplaces shut down across the economy, and millions more people were laid off or found themselves…

Overcoming the Challenges in Recruiting Tech Specialists

From e-commerce and cloud computing to data mining and artificial intelligence, the global economy is becoming more and more dependent on digital technology. Today, information technology (IT) is an integral…

Digital Transformation in Financial Services Market Report 2022

Pushed by the pandemic, the financial sector had to accelerate its plans and pivot quickly to digital during the past few years. At the same time, the industry had to deal with major challenges, such as the…

Which Recruitment Model Is Best for You?

Do you have a hard time finding the right candidate? Then, maybe you are just using the wrong recruitment model for your business. The hiring world is changing at a rapid pace, and keeping up with all the new…

Recruitment Guide (Part 2): How to Reduce Recruitment Costs

How can I cut down on recruitment costs? This is a question often asked by employers, hiring managers and recruiters – and for good reason.

Recruitment Guide (Part 1): How to Calculate Recruitment Costs

Every business needs to recruit employees – they are the ones that keep a business up and running, make it thrive and determine how successful it will be in the future. However, bringing in the best and the…

Top 5 Emerging Trends in Recruitment: How HR Leaders Should Adapt

While businesses around the globe are still looking for ways to rebound from the last two year’s events, they have to face another rising challenge: how to attract and retain top talent.

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