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14 min read

Empowering Women in Tech – Insights from PMO Expert Renel Holland

Empowering Women in Tech is an interview series by Templeton & Partners, designed to provide a platform for women in the tech industry to exchange experiences, gain insights, and draw inspiration from one…

11 min read

How to Upskill When Working in Tech

There are few industries that move as fast as technology. Standing at the forefront of innovation and growth, the tech industry advances at a staggering pace, forcing professionals in the sector to…

13 min read

How to Start Your Tech Career in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the most popular job relocation destinations among software developers and IT professionals – and for good reason(s)! In recent years, the country has swiftly emerged as a tech…

11 min read

Let's Talk Tech: An Exclusive Interview with a Software Developer

As technology continues to evolve and shape our world, software developers play a crucial role in building and maintaining the software that powers our daily lives. From the alarm that wakes us up to the car…

11 min read

Let's Talk Tech: Insights from a Project Manager

Templeton & Partners presents Let's Talk Tech, a series of interviews aimed at tech professionals, regardless of where they stand in their careers. Experts in different IT roles share their career journeys,…

12 min read

Rethinking Disability: Insights from Ford Motor Co's IT and D&I Lead

Did you know that nearly one-fifth of the UK's working population has a disability? However, the story becomes quite different when we shift our focus to the tech sector. Despite the industry's remarkable…

12 min read

Myths vs Facts: Career as an IT Contractor in China

China's tech market has grown exponentially in recent years, with investments in artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing driving the industry's rapid expansion. With a growing economy and an…

11 min read

The Future of DevOps: Top Trends and Challenges for 2023 and Beyond

Over the past decade, DevOps has transformed from a niche trend into a massive movement with widespread adoption across industries. What began as a practitioner-led movement has now grown into a massive…

15 min read

How to Become an IT Project Manager – A Complete Guide for 2023

Working in tech offers a wealth of exciting opportunities for career advancement, with a wide range of possible paths to explore. If you're currently in an IT role and seeking a more challenging and fast-paced…

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