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The Challenges and Realities of Autism: An Interview with Anna Kennedy

Autism is a word everyone recognises and understands - one would think, considering its prevalence. After all, more than one in 100 people are on the autism spectrum in the UK. For many, however, autism is…

11 min read

Reinventing Recruitment in the Post-Pandemic Era

Covid-19 came in like a hurricane and shook the world of work. In just days, millions of businesses and workplaces shut down across the economy, and millions more people were laid off or found themselves…

15 min read

The Future of Tech: Industry Insights from Global Tech Leaders

The world is changing at speed, and the question isn't whether emerging technologies will change the way we live and work but how. What are the tech trends shaping the future of business and IT? How will tech…

6 min read

How to Recruit Diverse IT Staff

With growing evidence that diverse and inclusive teams are more financially successful, businesses are increasingly investing in Diversity & Inclusion (D&I). Whilst attracting candidates from a variety of…

5 min read

What are the Most Important Skills Needed for Digital Transformation?

Seven in every 10 digitisation programmes fail. The reasons are plentiful, as is the volume of tools and systems to choose from – and the skills needed to power them.

10 min read

Let's Talk Tech: Interview with a Project Manager

Templeton & Partners presents Let's Talk Tech, a series of interviews aimed at tech professionals regardless of where they stand in their careers. Experts in different IT roles share their career journeys,…

17 min read

130+ Best Digital Transformation Statistics for 2024 and Beyond

As technology is constantly evolving at a rapid pace, there’s no standing still for businesses wishing to stay competitive in the digital world. The once nice-to-have digital transformation is becoming today…

Black History Month 2022: Time for Change – in Recruitment and Beyond

The last day of October marks the end of Black History Month in the UK. This annual celebration aims to promote the contributions and achievements of those with African or Caribbean heritage to British society.

12 min read

Empowering Women in Tech – An Interview with Chibuzo Igwe

Empowering Women in Tech is an interview series by Templeton & Partners aimed at women in the tech field to share their experiences, learn from and get inspired by one another.

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