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4 min read

The Difference Differences Can Make - The Power of Diversity

“When Google released the industry’s first diversity report in 2014, it kick-started a diversity and inclusion strategy rooted very little in action. Today, many people refer to those phenomena as lip service,…

4 min read

International Women's Day Q&A: Women in Tech

Why is there such a severe shortage of women in tech roles, particularly IT leadership? Templeton's Associate Director Karen Wong reveals her own career experiences in IT what International Women's Day means…

4 min read

Interview with a SAP Business Intelligence Tech Specialist

Dmitry is a solo-preneur in the SAP Business Intelligence area in a broad sense. He has a long track-record implementing Data Warehouses, regional Data Marts and operational reporting systems, based on…

4 min read

Interview with an RPA Developer

Sebastian is a talented robotics developer. Despite his young age of 24, he has been working with IT for 9 years. Sebastian has been working with RPA for the past 2 years and has excelled to become an expert…

4 min read

Women in STEM - The Gender Imbalance in IT

“It doesn’t matter if you are a woman or a man; the important thing is your determination.” Milka Duno, Race Car Driver

5 min read

Interview with a SAP Transformation Director

Mike is a Global SAP Retail Programme Transformation and Engagement Director with 20+ years Tier 1 Consultancy background. Managing large scale Business Transformational Change, Global and multi-country role…

2 min read

Interview with a Software Developer

Alex is a highly experienced creative entrepreneur and software developer, with 15+ years’ experience driving innovation and product development within industries including tech, banking and publishing. In our…

4 min read

How Will Emerging Technologies Disrupt Business and Industries?

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.” - Arthur C. Clarke (Author). By: Nadeem Ahmad, Managing Director of Templeton & Partners

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