Conversations with George Constantinescu and Elisabeth Lecoeur

Posted by Templeton on Thursday, 23 May 2024

We speak to hundreds of industry professionals across the globe every day, and aim to keep you up to date with all things moving and shaking the tech space. But nothing compares to the expertise of our industry insiders, leading the way in conversations about women in tech, sector specialisms, AI and DEI. Introducing our "Conversations With" series, designed to highlight top-tier companies and professionals within our network, offering an authentic and transparent preview of what lies ahead in the future.

George Constantinescu speaks with Elisabeth de Leeuw, Senior Risk Manager, exploring her career journey, passion for creative thinking and her insight into upcoming tech challenges and how to overcome them.

Key Points from the "Conversations with" Series Featuring Elisabeth de Leeuw:

  • Career Journey:

    • Elisabeth de Leeuw's path in the tech industry, highlighting key milestones and achievements.
  • Passion for Creative Thinking:

    • The role of creative thinking in her success, with examples of innovative solutions.
  • Cybersecurity Focus:

    • Insights into the importance of staying ahead of digital threats and why cybersecurity fascinates her.
  • Challenges and Overcoming Them:

    • Personal challenges in cybersecurity and how she overcame them.
    • Adapting to evolving laws and regulations in the industry.
  • Challenges for Women in Tech:

    • Main obstacles women face in tech and Elisabeth's advice on overcoming them.
  • Inspiration for Young Talent:

    • Encouragement and guidance for women and young talent aspiring to enter the tech field, emphasizing perseverance, creativity, and continuous learning.

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