Conversations with Mathilde Luthun and Lizhen XU, Manager at HackYouFuture, Belgium

Posted by Templeton on Thursday, 27 June 2024

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Mathilde Luthun speaks with Lizhen XU, General Manager at HackYourFuture, Belgium, discusses her experiences as a woman in the tech industry and the challenges faced by diverse talents.

Lizhen’s career journey into tech began with a background in recruitment and skill analysis, paving the way for new challenges and opportunities. Here are key insights from her experience:

Career Transition and Challenges: Lizhen faced impostor syndrome and overqualification issues, common hurdles in her tech career transition.

Cultural Sensitivity in Recruitment: She emphasised the need for companies to adopt culturally sensitive hiring practices.

Keys to Success: Lizhen highlighted persistence, self-belief, and effective communication as crucial for career advancement.

Investment in Training: Companies benefit from investing in staff training, enhancing skills and fostering inclusivity.

Seek Guidance: Aspiring tech professionals should seek mentorship and role models for career advice.

Communication and Inclusion: Effective communication and fostering a culture of inclusion are pivotal in tech workplaces.

Lizhen’s journey underscores the importance of resilience, cultural awareness, and continuous learning in achieving success in the tech industry.

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