Prioritise Your Mental Health Through Movement

Posted by Nasos Pantazis on Wednesday, 15 May 2024

Mental Health Awareness Week is an annual event observed in many countries around the world to raise awareness about mental health issues, promote understanding and acceptance, and advocate for support and resources for those affected by mental health conditions. It aims to campaign for reducing stigma, encouraging open conversations about mental health, and providing information on how to access mental health services and support.  


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At Templeton and Partners, we understand the unique challenges tech contractors face in balancing demanding projects with personal wellbeing. As Mental Health Awareness Week approaches, we're here to emphasise the crucial role physical activity plays in nurturing mental health. Our global hiring solutions extend beyond professional development – they encompass holistic wellbeing. Join us as we explore why incorporating movement into your routine is essential for tech contractors worldwide. 

Escaping the Sedentary Trap: 

Tech contracting often entails extensive screen time and prolonged periods of sitting, which can adversely impact mental and physical health. Templeton and Partners advocates for breaking free from the sedentary trap. Research shows that prolonged sitting is linked to increased stress and decreased mental wellbeing. By prioritising movement, you can mitigate these risks and enhance your overall quality of life. 

The Intersection of Physical Activity and Mental Health: 

At Templeton and Partners, we recognise the profound connection between physical activity and mental wellbeing. Engaging in regular exercise releases endorphins, neurotransmitters that promote feelings of happiness and reduce stress. Moreover, physical activity fosters cognitive function, enhancing focus, creativity, and problem-solving abilities – all essential skills for thriving in the tech industry. 

Striking a Balance: 

Finding time for physical activity amidst your busy schedule may seem daunting, but Templeton and Partners encourages you to prioritise your wellbeing. Incorporate short bursts of activity into your day, such as walking during breaks or opting for standing meetings. Embrace diverse forms of movement, from cycling to yoga, to discover what resonates with you. By making small, consistent changes, you can cultivate a healthier lifestyle and elevate your performance as a tech contractor. 

Building a Supportive Community: 

At Templeton and Partners, we believe in fostering a culture of wellbeing within the tech contracting community. Share your experiences and insights with colleagues, encouraging them to prioritise movement for better mental health. Together, we can create a supportive environment where mental health is valued as highly as professional success. 

Through Mental Health Awareness Week and beyond, Templeton and Partners urges tech contractors worldwide to prioritise mental health through movement. By embracing physical activity, you're investing in your long-term wellbeing and professional success. Let's escape the sedentary trap, strike a balance between work and movement, and build a supportive community that prioritises holistic wellness. Remember, at Templeton and Partners, your wellbeing is our priority. 


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