Conversations with Marina Economidou and Attul Sehgal, Entrepreneur, Product Developer and Author of "Demystifying Digital Transformation"

Posted by Templeton on Tuesday, 23 April 2024

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Marina Economidou speaks with Attul Sehgal, Entrepreneur, Product Developer and Author of "Demystifying Digital Transformation" exploring his insights for ways to empower your team through organizational change. Gain practical strategies and insights to navigate the digital age with confidence.

Key Topics Covered

  • Simplifying data and enhancing productivity with user-friendly tools
  • Outcome-Focused Problem-Solving: Strategies for deciphering key innovations and addressing ethical considerations
  • Data Literacy and AI Tools: Practical approaches to data literacy and hands-on AI tools for strategic tech planning
  • Ethical Considerations: Addressing ethical considerations in digital transformation initiatives

Book: 'Demystifying Digital Transformation':

  • Provides comprehensive guidance on navigating the digital landscape
  • Covers topics such as data literacy, AI tools, strategic tech planning, and ethical considerations
  • Offers insights for individuals and businesses in the evolving digital era

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Attul Sehgal, an award-winning entrepreneur and innovator, boasts a unique blend of technical prowess and business insight, facilitating seamless navigation through digital transformation in international organizations of varying digital maturity such as Microsoft, Experian, and others. Trained as an Electrical Engineer, he's adept at launching digital products in global organizations and founding his ventures. His career spans also Consultant roles as Digital Transformation Consultant, Business Analyst, Digital Delivery Manager, Sales Support and Technical Leader for well-known organisations in the UK, Europe, and USA. His book, 'Demystifying Digital Transformation,'   discusses the digital landscape's impact, offering insights into simplifying data, enhancing productivity with user-friendly tools, outcome-focused problem-solving, and deciphering key innovations. The book delves into data literacy, hands-on AI tools, strategic tech planning, and addresses ethical considerations, providing a comprehensive guide for individuals and businesses in the evolving digital era. He also has a LinkedIn course on digital transformation with over 8000 followers. 

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