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We're a global IT recruitment agency providing jobs and career opportunities for skilled tech professionals.

For 25 years we have recruited Developers, Engineers, Programmes and Technicians into roles across 40 countries.

Our Indian office, India recruitment experts and our extensive history finding jobs for candidates in India ideally position us to help you in your next career move.

Local Indian Recruitment Team

Local Indian Team


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Our Payroll & Compliance Partner

The Indian entity of Access Financial, AFSS is a Professional Employment Organisation which has since 2003 employed clients' workers in the absence of an Indian corporate entity.

AFSS provides 100% compliant payroll, contract management, immigration and tax services. The Templeton and AFSS partnership:

  • Provides secure, fully compliant payroll management
  • Reduces contract-related administrative work
  • Ensures a smooth and efficient contracting experience.
AFFS Indian Payroll Compliance Consultancy

Meet our India Recruitment Team

Head of India

Mark Manasseh

Head of India Recruitment

An Indian citizen, Mark has 17 years' experience working in India and the UK, recruiting Indian contractors into rewarding roles.

Associate Director

Karen Wong

Associate Staffing Director Global

Karen has 15 years' experience recruiting contractors and supporting clients in India and globally.

Client Manager

Victoria Blow

Client Manager Staffing Services

Victoria has 14 years' experience recruiting contractors and working directly with client businesses across the world.

Principal Recruiter

Serena Bonavolonta

Senior Recruiter International

Serena has over five years' experience supporting contractors with their careers in 40 countries.

What Our Contractors Say

"The overall experience with Templeton and Partners was great. Templeton went above and beyond to help me through the 3-step interview process. Templeton took care of everything, updating me through email and calling me with interview details and feedback. Excellent service and a positive experience."

Gaurav Thakur

Senior Software Engineer

"I am very happy working through Templeton. In my job I enjoy good work-life balance, flexible timings and good leadership and project teams. Templeton placed me in a collaborative environment where I'm always learning new technologies. I've had a great recruitment and working experience overall."

Ravichandraprasad Hosahalli Gangadharaiah

DevOps Consultant

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