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Rowena has a wealth of expertise in designing and delivering successful digitisation programmes. At leading international banking group Standard Chartered, Rowena harnesses AI & Machine Learning to drive revenue, reduce costs and improve customer experience.

Rowena’s impressive resume includes leadership positions at Citi Bank and Credit Suisse, operating as the CEO of a start-up, serving on the Tribunal Panel of the Financial Reporting Council and leading business-critical projects in Financial Services across Singapore, Hong Kong, Poland and the UK.

In this webinar Rowena discusses digital transformation challenges and opportunities including:

  • What are the most important trends in emerging technology for the Finance industry, and how will they change the sector in the coming years?

  • What impact will digital investment deliver for customer engagement, and how will digitisation revolutionise consumer behaviour?

  • What new uses will come up for emerging tech like Blockchain, and how can we develop them?

  • How must governments and businesses evolve individually and work together to support the flexible, international workforces of the future?

Rowena also shares how Standard Chartered are leading transformational change to drive revenues and efficiencies through digitising for the future.

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