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Leading the Deloitte Institute of AI, Beena Ammanath is an unparalleled expert in AI ethics. With a career spanning leadership roles across the Finance, Retail, Technology, Telecommunications, Marketing and Industrial sectors, Beena also authored the revolutionary book ‘Trustworthy AI’.

An executive leader leveraging ethical technology across multinational corporations, Beena builds high performance global teams who drive transformative change. Beena’s impressive resume includes CTO, Board and leadership positions at the Bank of America, Hewlett-Packard, Thomson Reuters and GE and numerous positions on non-profit and social initiative Boards.

In this webinar Beena will discuss AI-based challenges and opportunities including:

  • The heightened risk of AI behaving unethically, and how companies can make fair decisions based on transparent, unbiased processes
  • How tech teams can help their organisations better understand data and insights
  • Where new AI regulations could stifle or accelerate innovation
  • How humans and machines can work together better for the good of business, industries and the world.

Beena will also share how Deloitte are uncovering insights from deep industry expertise to lead the AI conversation of the future.

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